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    One VSA Member kept rebooting after power-on from power outage

    markit7 Lurker

      Help or ideas are very appreciated.


      I have a 2-node mode VAS installed and running for few weeks in our lab.   Some how, after a power outage, the esx servers power up when power recovery.  Everything works all right for a day.  But suddenly, VSADs-0 and VSADs-1 became inactive and all the VMs were inaccessible.  After browsing the internet, that might be VSA-0 or VSA-1 went to the maintance mode.  I checked it from VAS manager and from console.   And i found out one of the VSA machine kept reboot itself just 5 mins after it complete startup and showing the prompt.  And the other VSA member won't pick up the job, whole system went offline.


      Because I spent few days within a testing machine within the VSA cluster, I relly like to clone/mirgate this VM out.  Any one could help?  either extract the VM files from crash VSA or recover to whole VSA.


      Thanks in advance.