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    How do you add a E1000E NIC to Server 2012 VM via PowerCLI?




      I have been attempting to figure out how to added a E1000E NIC to a Windows Server 2012 VM and have been wildly unsuccessful. None of the current 5.1 PowerCLI documentation even references it's existence.  When I use the Get-NetworkAdapter it returns the E1000E NICs as "Unknown."  I tried adding a NIC with a -Type of "Unknown" and it just added a regular "VMXNET" NIC.


      I am testing against 5.0.0(Build 821926) hosts which can deploy Server 2012 with E1000E NICs via vCenter and PowerCLI 5.0.1 & 5.1 with the same results.  Any information you could provide me with would be greatly appreciated as I am out of ideas at the moment.