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    Creating Plug-in Documentation

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      With reference to the the "Creating and Deploying Documentation Plug-Ins" in the Extensions Programming Guide at http://pubs.vmware.com/vsphere-51/index.jsp?topic=%2Fcom.vmware.wcsdk.pg.doc%2FclientExtGuide_Preface.html, I created a help jar and placed it in the help directory with the plugin as explained in the guide:

      "Once you have created a plug-in package, you must create a help directory directly below the root directory of your extension plug-in package, and place the documentation plug-in .jar file inside the help directory. When the extension plug-in package is installed, the vSphere Web Client will automatically add any documentation plug-ins in the help directory to the main help system. The new help content will be displayed in the top-level table of contents."


      The help jar is fine because it integrates with the eclipse help when I drop it in as a plugin in eclipse. However, I do not see the content anywhere in the web-client. Could someone please explain where exactly the product-specific table of contents will be visible? The 'Help -> Help Table of Contents' redirects to pubs.vmware.com, so it doesn't seems it can be integrated there.