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    Vmware p2v conversion error

    bajay Lurker

      Hi ,

         I have linux Fedora 14 Physical machine, need to convert and use in Vcenter ESXi 5.1, i have used the Vcenter converter standalone to 5.0.1 version. It has completed 99% and then it raises an error, i have atteched the image please check any one and let me know the solution??

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          The solution is to finish the conversion manually. All the data have been copied, the reconfiguration has failed. It consists of the following:

            - install GRUB at the destination VM

            - fix fstab

            - fix the modules configuration for the kernel to boot in the new virtual hardware and rebuild the initrd image.


          Boot the VM from a live CD to do that. The first 2 steps are relatively trivial. The last one requires you to edit the modules configuration (e.g. \etc\modprobe.conf, \etc\modules.conf, or \etc\modprobe.d\dist.conf, I don't know what Fedora 14 uses) The destination VM most probably uses LSI Logic SCSI adapter, so you should ensure that mtpbase and mtpscsih are there; also pcnet32 for the network. Then run mkinitrd.

          Cross fingers anrd reboot.



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