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    VCDX Bootcamps in New Zealand


      Hi All Potential VCDX Candidates,


      After the success of the VCDX Bootcamps that I helped deliver in Singapore and Sydney I'm thinking of possibly running VCDX Bootcamps in New Zealand. Initially I'd like to run them in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch (Other centres based on demand). I'd like to get expressions of interest from those people who would like to attend so I can get an idea of numbers and also get an idea of when might be a good time to do these.


      You don't have to be a New Zealander to come along to these. It'll be open to any VCP's/VCAP's. If you just want to have an excuse to come to New Zealand and visit middle earth (where the Hobbit / Lord of the Rings movies were made among many others) and our beautiful country then that's fine too.


      I'll probably blog and tweet about this also.

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          If we get our scheduling right we might have @VCDX001 - John Arrasjid join me - @VCDXNZ001 in presenting these bootcamps. 

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            BenLoveday Novice

            Hey Michael,


            That sounds cool, let me know when you'd look at doing the Auckland one and I'll let you know!




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              MichaelW007 Enthusiast

              Hi All,


              I'm looking to do these in January 2013. These bootcamps should give you an opportunity to get to know the process further and give you an opportunity to go through a mock defence. This will be a learning opportunity like no other currently available in New Zealand for any virtualization pro's.


              I'm thinking perhaps 15nd Jan - Auckland, 16rd Jan - Wellington, 17th Jan - Christchurch (Dependant on demand). I'd need a minimum of 10 committed people at each event to make it worth while flying in VCDX001 from San Francisco and other VCDX's from across the region.

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                kjp Lurker

                January is ideal for me Michael.  Will look out for your tweet.

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                  sanit88 Lurker

                  What sort of costing are we looking at here Michael?

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                    MichaelW007 Enthusiast

                    The bootcamps would be free of charge. So this makes it quite a unique opportunity to learn and prepare for pregression through to VCDX.

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                      sanit88 Lurker

                      That sounds good. Please keep me updated.

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                        MichaelW007 Enthusiast

                        The registration URL for the VCDX Bootcamps in New Zealand has gone live. If you would like to come along to this unique learning event please register your interest as soon as possible. Places are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis to qualified attendees. You need to be VCP or VCAP to be qualified to attend.




                        Here is the overview for the sessions:


                        VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) is the highest level VMware certification. This elite group is comprised of design architects highly-skilled in VMware enterprise deployments and the program is designed for veteran professionals who want to validate and demonstrate their expertise as one of the worlds leading experts in VMware virtual infrastructure. Achieving VCDX allows individuals and organisations do differentiate their level of expertise.


                        Michael Webster (VCDX-066) and John Arrasjid (VCDX-001) will provide a 3-hour boot camp to help prepare candidates that wish to prepare for the VCDX program. These sessions will focus on the VCDX design blueprint, design submission, the VCDX Panel Defense, and the two defines scenarios (Design and Troubleshooting). The boot camps include a mock defence component and will end with a Q&A session. Facilitators are NOT allowed to review individual designs or provide details on confidential program internals, but they can provide feedback on other questions that are of benefit to all VCDX aspirants.


                        The boot camps will be offered free of charge for qualified attendees. Qualifications for attendance include completion of VCP (minimum requirement), VCAP-DCA, or VCAP-DCD certifications. Exceptions may be made but these qualifications will give precedence to attendees. Attendance will be approved on a first-come-first-served basis until room capacity is reached. Additional applicants will be placed on a waiting list.


                        We hope to see you there.

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                          Jon Waite Enthusiast

                          Hi Michael,


                          Any plans to run these again in 2014? I managed to pass both VCAP's at VMworld (hungover & jet-lagged - I was stoked!) and looking to apply/defend for VCDX next year (probably at PEX Sydney if available or at next VMworld US).


                          Regards, Jon.

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                            MichaelW007 Enthusiast

                            Hi Jon, Congrats on passing your VCAP's. If there is enough demand and we have a few people committed to working towards their VCDX then I can run a bootcamp at whatever time is convenient. I would recommend going through the vBrownBag VCDX Bootcamp recordings, getting a copy of the VCDX Bootcamp book and then setting up a study group of others that want to go through. I could run a bootcamp at the back end of this year or sometime next year depending on what is convenient. We will be running VCDX Bootcamps with the major events too. I'm not sure of the full schedule for defences for next year, but the first defence opportunity will be VMware PEX in San Fran in February.