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    HGFS (shared folders) leaks host handles

    Sloth77 Novice


      I've been meaning to post this for a while as I've seen this issue for some time.  The HGFS filesystem seems to leak Windows handles quite badly when transferring files from host->guest (and possibly the reverse).

      Below is a video showing the issue (using SysInternals Process Explorer):



      If you look at the bottom right at the "Handles" section, you can see the handle count shooting up.  Bear in mind the *entire* handle count in Windows was only about 45k (according to TaskManager) before starting and you can see my point.  The file was 1.5GB in size.  Copying files significantly larger (i.e. 50GB+) brings the host to its knees and I have to kill the VM.

      This is with:

      Windows 7 Ultimate SP1

      VMware Workstation 9.0.1

      Ubuntu 12.10 VM

      VMware Tools 9.2.2-983683

      AFAIK, everything is the most recent version.  VMware tools was install with all the default options.  I've also seen this in previous versions of VMware (8 & 9.0.0) and other Linux guest OS (Redhat 4)

      Is this a known issue?