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    Migrated one of my VM's to another VSphere host and it won't start

    milesmeridith Enthusiast

      I have a VM that I orignally converted from Hyper-V over to a VSphere host. After I did that it would start fine, but I would get two errors upon boot up.


      "An IDE controller is found but the virtual machine does not support the option" and

      "A flat backing option was not found."


      When i would look at the hard disc in settings it would say it is not supported. Is this because I incorrectly converted them from Hyper-V to VSphere using the VMWare Converter?


      But now I set up VCenter Server and tested migrating one of these machines to another host and back using the VSphere Client. It won't start now. I get an error message that says.


      "Device "Hard disk 1' uses a controller that is not supported. This is a general limitation of the virtual machine's compatibility with the ESXi version of the selected host."


      Remember this is the same VSphere host it was running on originally. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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