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    Bug Report: View Administrator can't handle slashes in paths for templates

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      I'm not sure if this is the right place to submit bugs, but it was the closest I could find.


      vCenter Server version: 5.1.0 build-799731

      View Administrator version: 5.1.1 build-799444


      When I was setting up an automatic pool in View Administrator, I selected a VM that was in a folder called "In Development/Testing". To be clear, the slash in there is not a file/directory seperator, that whole thing is one folder name. Once I completed the setup, I got an error saying it couldn't find the VM. I realized the slash was probably the issue and moved the template to a folder with no slash.


      I suppose it could be considered bad practice to put slashes in directory names, but vCenter does let you do it, so I would expect View Administrator to do so as well.


      How to reproduce:

      I didn't really test this *thoroughly*, but this should reproduce the issue:


      In vCenter:

      1) Create a folder with a forward slash in it's name e.g. "foo/bar" (backslash may also cause issues, but I haven't tested this)

      2) Place a VM template in this folder


      In View Administrator

      3) Create an automated pool and select your template from step (2) as the one to use.

      4) Complete the pool setup. Just when you should be shown the summary page, you will get an error saying that the VM (and showing the full path) cannot be found.



      Josh Shabtai