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    VMWare Fusion 5 Windows Crashing with Google Chrome

    Alltomation Lurker

      I am currently running a trial on VMWare Fusion 5 on my new Retina Macbook Pro.


      I have 2 machines running in total, but not always at the same time. One is a windows 7, the other a windows 8 installation.


      They work fine most of the time but I have now had crashes on both machines that shut down the vm. I have come to realise that this occurs when using Google Chrome and hitting some pages. The symptoms are the same on both machines.


      I have attached the crash report for the windows 8 pc.


      Obviously I cant continue to use these when doing such a trivial task causes a severe crash as Im afraid of losing data before too long.


      If anyone could help I woud be most grateful.



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