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      • 15. Re: VMWare license lost after hard reset
        Staalburger Novice

        I have the following as my lic file


        INCREMENT PROD_ESX_FULL VMWARELM 2005.05 29-dec-2009 uncounted \

                VENDOR_STRING="licenseType=Host;vmodl=esxFull;desc=ESX Server \

                Enterprise;capacityType=cpuPackage;gp=14;exclude=BACKUP;count=16" \

                HOSTID=ANY ISSUED=29-Oct-2009 \

                NOTICE=FulfillmentId=2147196;name=xxxxxxxxxxxTS_OK \

                9381 0647 4F49 DCD5 5D27 3063 FFF7 2C3A 1DDA 1B4E \

                668D 682F 18BF CBF4 0DE9 114B C312 C8E8 C3F0 B09F 0CDD 9A80 \


        INCREMENT ESX_FULL_BACKUP VMWARELM 2005.05 29-dec-2009 uncounted \

                VENDOR_STRING="licenseType=Host;vmodl=backup;desc=VMware \

                Consolidated Backup;capacityType=cpuPackage;count=16" \

                HOSTID=ANY ISSUED=29-Oct-2009 \

                NOTICE=FulfillmentId=2147196;name=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx TS_OK \

                SIGN="08AF 28FA E343 0D67 539D 7063 CA10 4AA4 291B 1D0F 90CD \

                340B D644 0BD6 A394 0D8F 73B4 B30D D60A D9F6 7DAC 3E88 DF5B \




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          a.p. Guru
          Community WarriorsvExpertUser Moderators

          Can you confirm the file has not been modified, i.e. the line breaks are still Unix like line breaks? You can check this by opening the file with notepad, where the entries should show up as a single line.


          • 17. Re: VMWare license lost after hard reset
            Staalburger Novice

            I've loggend onto putty did the cat command, copied to clipboard and deleted lines before and after the file dump, save as vmware.lic



            • 18. Re: VMWare license lost after hard reset
              Staalburger Novice

              I've edited the file, it now only has two lines, still no go.



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                imPranayK Hot Shot

                get licenses from VMware portal or vmware.lic file. Try using that if works.

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