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    vSphere Web Client Plugins - How to Debug the Flex UI

    AlfredoQuiroga Novice



      It seems that in order to develop Flex based plugins using the vSphere Web Client Plugins SDK and get "full integration", the developer is encouraged to employ an MVC framework that is part of the SDK. In addition, I see things that seem to indicate that once the plugin is runing within the VC context, actions will be triggered by the running context, etc...


      It might seem that in order for one to develop a based Plugin, the UI needs to be developed, compiled and deployed each time.


      How does one go about writing a typical UI app where the developer is able to set breakpoints, etc...? I can do that now if I don't use the VmWare hooks as previously mentioned, but how about if I wanted to leverage the provided hooks?


      Thanks in advance for the help.