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    Need Some Help

    VMDroid Lurker

      im using vmware workstation 9 and i was using my usb 3.0 western digital my passport hd and it was working fine.

      i happen to unplug it as i no longer needed it for the moment. shutoff my vm and decided to test something . so i plug in my usb hard drive again and now its not showing up at all in my removable devices . i plugged and unplugged it and still nothing rebooted my os and vmware and nothing. so i rebooted my whole pc and nothing. i removed my os in vmware and uninstalled vmware and reinstalled it still not showing up. i plug my hard drive in a regular usb 2.0 slot works fine shows up but transfer speeds are slow for the amount of data im transfering. is there a fix or a way to fix vmware to recognize my usb 3.0 drive again cuz usb 2.0 is to slow. any help would be apreciated. Thanks