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    kernel 3.2 early excption 0d on vmware server and workstation

    akiuni Lurker

      Hi all


      I'm running debian lenny on vmware server 2 and all is working fine with my built kernel 2.6.35-14. I have built a new kernel 3.2.31 with quite the same options and it crashes on boot with an early exception 0d :


      BIOS data check successful


      Decompression Linux... Parsing ELF... done

      Booting the kernel


      PANIC: early exception 0d rip 10:ffffffff819b2547 error 0 cd2 0



      The same behavior is occuring on vmware workstation but NOT on vmware ESXi...also, note that all is working fine on virtualbox and different physical servers.


      after googling a lot, I have tried to pass the following options to kernel, but no change :

      nosmep acpi=off


      if it helps, I've been able to get different addresses of the exception (the 819b2547 is sometime different), but I don't remeber which parameters changed that.


      Does anybody have an idea ?

      thanks a lot

      best regards