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    VMware Studio - Set MAC Address

    xstylerx Lurker

      I am interested in using a static MAC address for some of our deployments so that I get consistent ssh keys (and don't need to wipe them out of my hosts file all of the time).


      Does anyone know how I can set this up in studio? Add OVF Properties? If so which ones?


      Thanks for any help!

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          samdoyle Enthusiast
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          I don't see anywhere atm where setting the mac address exists in Studio. There are certain rules in setting the address manually that need to be followed e.g. the first three bytes be prefixed with 00:50:56 so it is important to find out the specifics for your product+version prior to making these changes.


          On the other hand, if it is having them show up in your known_hosts and avoid the challenge you can workaround this with a ssh config rule.


          Adding something like the following to the ~/.ssh/config might accomplish what you are looking for.


          Host *.whatever.com

          UserKnownHostsFile /dev/null

          StrictHostKeyChecking no
          As always, consider security implications before configuring ssh rules.