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    VM Unknown (Inaccessible) - Configuration file cannot be found

    Desertsweeper Novice

      I am running a single VM on a small HP Proliant server with ESXi 5.0 which boots off a thumb drive

      The box has two drives mirrored with a raid card

      The machine was powered down safely

      The drives were removed

      The machine was accidentally powered on without the drives (yes he is in the corner)

      When I put the drives back in and powered up the box vSphere showed the VM as "Unknown (inaccessible)" with the EVENTS description "Configuration file cannot be found". The details shows "Configuration file for Unknown on localhost.localdomain in ha-datacenter cannot be found"


      I powered the machine down and went into the raid card bios configuration where i observed a mirror sync in progress. This continued for a little over 4 hours and finally it reported the drives as "optimal".


      I rebooted the box but vSphere still shows the VM as Unknown (inaccessible).


      I thought I was being clever installing our small dental practice server onto a VM but suddenly realise I am way out of my depth here. Is there any hope to get the VM going and can anyone point me in the right direction?


      Many thanks