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    a problem with the port of vddk

    EncoreDeng Lurker

      Hello everyone,


           I am using vddk version 5.1


           When using the function "VixDiskLib_Connect", I have set the port in struct VixDiskLibConnectParams to 9020.

           Because I don't want to use the default port 902.

           The reason is simple, there are 3 esx in the LAN, and only 1 ip for public network. Outer net, through the NAT to access all the esx.

           So, it's impossible that all esx are use the port 902.


           Then, I use the function "VixDiskLib_Open", an error message is printed:

           [NFC ERROR] NfcNewAuthdConnectionEx: Failed to connect to peer. Error: Failed to
            connect to server


           I did comfirm that the NAT is work.


           Seems that, it's the bug of the vddk, we can not use another port.