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    VMWare Server Access failure

    aironwilson Lurker

      Hi there, I'm in a bit of a pickle...... I have a Domain Controller running server 2003SP2 virtualised on vmware server. its a site i have recently taken over support for.... the phsical server is a dell pe2900 called vmhost running three virtual servers: 1. dellserver - DC/DNS/GC ETC 2. simsserver - Database server for personnel etc 3. exchange server - email server the network is only small, and have recently purchased new laptops (win7) and as the DC is only on 2003 i thought i would add the physical server(server2008R2)64bit as a secondary domain controller so i could configure and integrate the new laptops into the domain...... after restarting the physical, after performing a  successful dcpromo....... The server started up fine, with all the DC structure, but when trying to comunicate with the main DC it doesnt seem to be running. Also when clicking the VMWareServer home page icon/shortcut on the desktop to opens internet explorer but then fails to load the login box here: https://vmhost:8333/ui/ just doesnt display and cant connect. so i looked at the services and two VMWARE services refuse to start: 1. VMWare authorisation service 2. VMware host agent when you try to start these - they error out and say check event viewer. basically comes down to the fact that the user it is trying to use to access the vmware software is not available - because the DC is down....... on Dellserver So stuck in a vicsous cycle of 'cannot start vmware servers because the services wont start, to let me in to the webinterface, because the user account is not available......... any ideas i'm in the process of backing up the virtual machine folders to another machine on the network - install vmware server on this new machine to try and get the virtual machines working again. once the DC server is started and running, i should then be able to access vmware server web interface on the main physical server. Unless you have any ideas of how to make the services run using a different user account, to get them started !?