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    vSphere client cannot connect to vSphere Server - SSL error

    Porkopops Novice



      I built a new VM on 2008R2. Installed ESXi 5.1 using vCenter Simple Install. Then installed the Web Client, then installed the vSphere Client.


      When launching the vSphere client I get an error "vSphere Client could not connect to "server.domain.local". An unknown connection error occurred. (The request failed due to an SSL error. (The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.))"


      This is a clean build VM, on Domain, with no Firewall.


      Research has shown articles where this error can occur using the vSphere client connecting directly to a host, but my issue is occurring while connecting to the vSphere Server.


      I tried the web client, but IE fails with "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"


      All relevant VMWare services seem to be running OK except for Orchestrator and Orchestrator Web Config, which I don't think I need to worry about with the above issue?


      Edit: VM has 2 NIC's.. I have attempted to connect the vSphere client to each NIC, but same issue occurs.


      Which credentials am I supposed to be logging in with? I've tried the admin@System-Domain user and the local admin & domain admin. However, I should say,  I don't get a username/password related error, so it doesn't seem like this issue should be down to credentials. The Single Sign On requirement has, admittedly, confused me a little.


      Any ideas?



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