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    Resource pools w/ XenDesktop, is it worth it?

    khughes Virtuoso

      If it's been one thing I have never fully grasped it would be resource pools, so I'm asking the experts here.  We're getting ready to change from a XenApp server farm to a XenDesktop model.  As some of you know, our ESXi hosts have always been way under used but going from 4 XenApp servers where everyone shares those resources to 100+ XenDesktop virtual machines has me a little concerned on how it'll impact the cluster.


      My biggest fear is that a desktop instance starts doing something extremely heavy and takes away needed resources from a production server.  A thought which entered would be to create a resource pool for the XenDesktop instances which would always take a backseat to the servers should a conflict come into play.  Right now the XenDesktop instance virtual machines are configured with 1 vCPU and 800MB of RAM.  They'll be sitting on a cluster of 5 hosts, three with two six-core processors and 64GB of ram, and the other two hosts have two eight-core processors and 64GB of ram.


      In short, is it even worth it if there hasn't ever been any resource contention?  If I created a resource pool for these XenDesktop instances would it only go into effect if there was resource contention, if there was no contention they would operate as if there wasn't a resource pool in place?


      Thanks for any input or recommendations for a VDI deployment.