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    Who butchered the EVC KB Article 1003212 ?

    Casper42 Novice

      So I have been referring customers (I work for HP) to this article for a long time.

      I just went to send it to a peer trying to figure out Opteron 6100s vs 6200s.

      I checked the link first and all the good processor tables that used to be in the KB are GONE.


      Now instead there is a reference to use the HCL which makes it much more difficult to see visually.



      Here is the new version of the page:



      Here is an archive from 2 years ago (unfortunately, this is the newest on archive.org which does NOT include the 6200)



      Look at Table 3.1 and Table 3.2 on the older version.

      The color coding of the first column match the processor families at the bottom in the legend.

      So if you have 2 different processors but they are the same color, they share the same EVC mode.

      If they are different colors, the legend and table fairly easily show you how far apart they are (and thus if its really worth it to cripple the new procs)


      Those tables have been removed from the new version.


      VMware, PLEASE put those tables back.

      We only get new procs like 2 times a year.  I dont think its that hard to keep this table up.