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    Edited Hard Drive size of vmdk now wont boot

    Juvv Lurker

      Hi Guys,


      I'm quite new when it comes to VMWare and I am running vmware server 2.0.


      I have a virtual machine that has been humming away nicely for a long time and was setup quite a while a go to host some software I use.


      The hard disk space was creeping up so I went to extend the hard disk size using vmware-diskmanager. At this stage, I realized I was actually using a snapshot, and had been for a very long time.


      When I went to increase the hard drive size of the snapshot, it wouldn't let me, because it was a snap shot, so I did it on the original vmdk successfully.


      When I try fire up the snapshot, it shows the "hardisk is invalid".


      This is obviously due to the hard disk size being different on both snapshots. I didn't realize this would cause an issue as the walkthroughs I read through didn't say anything about it.


      Now, I am stuck with a snapshot I cant open, and a base vmdk I cant seem to shrink back to the original size.


      It says "a file access error occurred on the host or guest operating system" when I try to use vmware-vdiskmanager on it to shrink it back to 30GB.


      I desperately need to at least get the data out of the snapshot. Id love to actually fix it up completley if possible.


      If anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated.