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    VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP again ...

    michafrank Lurker



      after reading the stuff on google regarding VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP i still got problems or i don`t understand some things ...


      This is my command :




      As you can see i got a global and a separate vm config file for the exchange vm with the VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP statement.

      When i do a dryrun i see that the VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP="only one vmdk" statement is recognized, but

      the script allways tries to backup all vmdk Files.


      Overview of the Configfiles/Structure:




      Output of the dryrun:




      All three vmdks are presented and the script wants to backup all three instead of the one defined in VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP in the vm cfg file ...


      Why i want to do this :

      VMDK_FILES_TO_BACKUP=all fails on this machine because one of the three disks is on an NFS mountpoint - the other two disks on a local disk array.


      So what i`m doing wrong ?  Any hints ?




      ESXi 4.1 / BUILD 502767