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    Advice on 80 remote sites

    paulthego Lurker



      I am looking for some advice / recommendations / thoughts on the following. I have been asked to look at replacing physical servers at approximatley 80 sites with new servers each running vSphere essentials and 2 VM's of Windows 2008R2. I have figured out that I will need vCenter standard in the datacenter to mange the remote servers. What I am not clear of is the best way to build each machine with vSphere essentials and the 2 VM's. Is the recommended approach build a reference server with vSphere essentials and the 2 VM's then ghost it and then restore on to the other servers. Then try and customise it afterwards (license ESX and then let the VM's complete an install created by WAIK? Or is it a case of I have to build each vSphere essentials server and import VM's?


      Just not sure where to start really? I am pretty sure I could do one server at a time I am just trying to workout is there a way of shortcutting the process rather than repeating it manually 80 times.


      Thanks for your help