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    Questions re L3 and L2 QoS on dvSwitch or Standard vSwitch

    PeterBlatherwick Novice


      We have a few questions related to how dvSwithes and standard vSwitches handle and can be configured to force L2 and L3 QoS values.  I have searched around a bit and found no definite answers or recent discussions.


      Here goes:


      - I see dvSwitch can enforce L2 priority (802.1D/p) on network resource pool / port group level.  Can we asume this is enforced internally in the dvSwitch (ie dvSwitch does indeed prioritize its own traffic based on the L2 priority tags), and also in flows between the virtual world and real world (incoming L2 priority remains tagged and is respected internally, outgoing tag is there)?


      - Is there any way to do the equivalent at Layer 3, ie. configure to mark Diffserv Code Point (DSCP) values at the port group level, or similar?  I see no generic way to do this. This is actually our strongest need.


      - Is there any ability to infer and apply L2 priority tag based on incoming or outgoing DSCP values?  Ideally, this would be based on DSCP alone, not tied to source / dest IP address (since same IP can potentially produce multiple differet flows for different applications).  Again, see no way to do this.


      - Is there any way to do the reverse of above, mapping L2 priority tag to set L3 DSCP?


      Any clues, pointers the the right info, etc would be a big help!  I am hoping this is all obvious, and I have just not loked in the right places.