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    VMware Remote Console SDK release 5.1

    asiddiqui786 Novice

      Where can this VMRC 5.1 SDK be downloaded?

      I can see the documentation on http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vmrc/index.html but cannot find the SDK with examples etc.

      I am not able to remote console to a vm using just the documentation and would like to see a working example

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          lamw Guru
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          Let me ping some folks inside and see where the download for the VMRC SDK is. All the SDKs should be available for download here https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/info/slug/datacenter_cloud_infrastructure/vmware_vcloud_suite/5_1#drivers_tools

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            asiddiqui786 Novice

            Yes I had looked there first and could not find the VMRC SDK.

            Please do post it soon.

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              asiddiqui786 Novice

              Any updates?

              Please do post the VMRC SDK soon.

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                lamw Guru
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                This is being worked on right now to get it published, I'll let you know once it's published. Thanks for your patient.

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                  asiddiqui786 Novice

                  Somehow managed to get this working as far as Firefox and Chrome are concerned.


                  For IE ( 8 and 9 ) I am able to do a successful MKS connect only.

                  If I connect with VMRC_DEVICES mode to mount CD/iso etc, it does not work.


                  Looking at the Addons in IE I see that there is an instance of a non verified addon named as VMWare Client Support Plug-in.

                  This same addon for Chrome does not have any issues. See screenshots below.








                  I did a regsvr for this ax-vmware-client-support.dll but it does not seem to help.


                  Any help would be appreciated.

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                    asiddiqui786 Novice

                    The issue with  VMWare Client Support Plug-in does not seem to be the cause with not getting any response from getVirtualDevices and getPhysicalClientDevices.

                    I am able to pass data to the getVirtualDeviceDetails when using IE after getting the id when using Chrome/FF and I get device details.

                    So for some reason its not able to enumerate the local or remote devices.


                    Looking at the log files, I see these entries that could be related:

                    Any help resolving this issue will be appreciated.


                    2012-09-26 17:29:11.556 [d:/build/ob/bora-781747/bora/apps/vmplayer/axplugin/vmrcEmbeddedCtl.cpp:608]: IVMControl::GetVirtualDeviceDetails failed: -2147467259


                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.961-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMMgr: Finished opening VM at /vm/#_4ABCDE_vm-999/ from
                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.961-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::vmrc::VMCnx::OnOpenVMDone: VM opened for MOID "vm-999" on ""
                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.961-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::vmrc::VMCnxMgr::EmitConnectionStateSignal: Emitting "connected" signal (requested) for MOID "vm-999" on "" - reason 'Connection successful.'
                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.961-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::vmrc::VMRC::OnActiveVMCnxChanged: Active VMCnx: MOID "vm-999" on ""
                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.963-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::MKS::SetDisableGrabInputOnKeyPress: Disabling runtime mks.grabOnKeyPress.
                    2012-09-27T10:25:11.975-05:00| vmrc| I120: SnapshotTree: Emitting refresh ([XXXXXXXXXXXXXX_001_VF01_SAN_] ABC/ABC.vmx)
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.242-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::VMTicketingVIM::OnAcquiredTicket
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.243-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::MKS::OnAcquireDone
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: vmdbLayout::Cnx::ConnectMksClient: Connecting via remote MKS
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClient_ConnectMksClientEx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClient_ConnectMksClientEx - trying local socket connection to /vmfs/volumes/12afefd5-b16e4c0c/ABC/ABC.vmx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClientConnectSocketEx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: CnxAuthdConnectPipe: Returning false because CreateFileW failed, error: 2
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: CnxAuthdConnect: Returning false because CnxAuthdConnectPipe failed
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: CnxConnectAuthd: Returning false because CnxAuthdConnect failed
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: Cnx_Connect: Returning false because CnxConnectAuthd failed
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: Cnx_Connect: Error message: Could not connect to pipe \\.\pipe\vmware-authdpipe: The system cannot find the file specified
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClient_ConnectMksClientEx - Local socket connection failed. (Please ignore any error regarding bad username / password that you might see immediately above this if the host you are attempting to connect to is not localhost.)
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClient_ConnectMksClientEx - trying remote socket connection to XXXXXXXXXXXXXX:902 /vmfs/volumes/12afefd5-b16e4c0c/ABC/ABC.vmx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.244-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClientConnectSocketEx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.727-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClient_ConnectMksClientEx - connecting the MKS client
                    2012-09-27T10:25:12.727-05:00| vmrc| I120: VMClientConnectMKSClientEx
                    2012-09-27T10:25:13.073-05:00| vmrc| I120: VmdbAddConnection: cnxPath=/db/connection/#7a/, cnxIx=1
                    2012-09-27T10:25:13.525-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::MKS::OnSetAttachedDone
                    2012-09-27T10:25:13.525-05:00| vmrc| I120: cui::MKS::OnConnectedChanged

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                      Hot Shot

                      You are experiencing this issue with IE because of a difference between ActiveX and NPAPI.  Our documentation generally explains how to handle browser differences, but we forgot the case of arrays returned by getVirtualDevices and getPhysicalClientDevices.  Our programming guide has been updated with the following note:


                      When using the getPhysicalClientDevices() method with the Internet Explorer browser, you must wrap the return value array as a VBArray. The following example shows how to process the return value of getPhysicalClientDevices() as a VBArray.


                      var devices = new VBArray(vmrc.getPhysicalClientDevices(mask)).toArray();