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    vcenter server appliance Novel suse 11 64-bit does not recognize hardware

    avinash_rao Lurker



      I have installed ESXi 5 on a 64-bit Dell Laptop with 4GB RAM, Intel core i5 processor and 250GB HDD. This was done through VMware workstation running on Windows 7 Premium 64-bit OS.


      Vcenter server appliance Novel Suse 11 64-bit was deployed using "Deploy ovf template" option in vSphere Client. The import was successful but the VA halts at boot with the following error.


      This kernel requires x86-64 cpu, but only detected an i686 CPU
      Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropriate for your CPU


      For sure my hardware is a 64-bit hardware as I am running a 64-bit windows OS and Virtualization is enabled in BIOS.


      Strangely, I am experiencing a different behavior when this was done through vmware workstation.The virtual appliance boots properly, I was able to connect to the virtual appliance through a web browser, login and configure the appliance as in Network, system etc.. But, the system could not connect to the embedded database at all. It would return a blank pop-up window.


      Any help is appreciated.