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    Windows XP won't finish closing

    oneclickaway Lurker

      I have fusion Version 2.0.4 (159196) and I normally do not have any problems.  First this program is installed on my Macbook Pro, and the other day I opened fusion/windowsxp and a few other programs these were on my Mac side, when it was time to go to bed I closed the cover to my Mac and the next morning I opened the cover , read my mail and did a few other things on the Mac side.  Then I switched over to the windows screen and it said that Windows was shutting down, ok shut down I really did not need to use windows.  Later I went back and it said the same thing, like it froze.  I did force quit fusion and shut down my computer , when I restated my mac and went to fusion it said windows was shutting down.  I can not get it to finish shutting down, there is no place to click to force windows to shut down and leave fusion open.  Can anybody help... Thanks Kathy