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    VMWare Server 1.0.10 - CPU Detection Fix

    TalAloni Lurker

      My VMWare Server 1.0.10 refused to run x64 guests under my AMD Fusion.

      For 64-bit virtualization, VMWare Server 1.x requires that the CPU will support the LAHF and SAHF instructions, which the AMD Fusion have.

      Turns out that VMware Server 1.0.10 detect if the CPU has these instructions using the  processor Family, Extended Family and Extended Model that are reported  by the CPU.

      However, after this detection mechanism was written, AMD introduced  the Phenom II and Fusion that support the LAHF and SAHF instructions as well,

      These newer CPUs are not recognized by VMWare Server 1.0.10 detection mechanism.


      Luckily, I found a solution:




      Tal Aloni