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    vSphere 5 Web Access, remote server console problem

    Cafetom Enthusiast

      Hello all,


      I am running vSphere 5.  I also installed Web Access portal, configured it, and it is all working, except one thing.


      While I am connected internally to my network, I can go to the internal DNS name or IP address:9443/vsphere-client, login, and do everything.  I can click on the console and I get there no problem.  I can do this while I am vpn'd in also.


      However, from the outside, I have the internal address natted over, and am forwarding ports 9443, 902, 903.  I can log into the system, point and click around and do all sorts of thing.  I press on the console button, I get a new internet browser that launches.  Across the top I get some information about the server, ctrl+enter.  The center of the screen has a spinning wheel thinking about connecting, then eventually times-out, "a connection to the host could not be established"


      I am pretty sure I am not the only one with this issue, but either I am asking the wrong question or have the wrong syntax when searching for an answer.