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    Locking computer on host OS makes the guest OS come out of exclusive mode view.

    phoenix7586 Lurker

      Hi All,


      In standard releases of vmware Workstation 7~8, I haven't experienced any anomalous behaviour when it comes to making the computer sleep or just lock the host OS. Upon resuming / logging back in, I get to the guest OS as it was in 'Exclusive Mode' view.


      However, this is certainly not the case in vmware TP 2. Running Windows XP SP3 as guest OS on Windows 7 x64. If I have Exclusive mode enabled, and thereafter lock my computer or put it to sleep, upon resumption, I come out of exclusive mode (though still in fullscreen).


      I am not certain if this change is intentional or inadvertent. If it's the latter, could you possibly fix this behaviour prior the stable release?