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    FREE: Horizon Application Manager Guide

    Michelle Laverick Virtuoso

      This is a sample chapter from the "Building End-User Computing Solution with VMware View" book that I co-authored with fellow vExpert, Barry Coombs. This is a complete chapter outlining how to get up and running with Horizon Application Manager. Enjoy...


      The full book is available at www.eucbook.com priced at £9.99 for the PDF, and £19.99 for the hard-copy - all royalities to be donated to UNICEF...



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          Wow, this is a great document. I have been trying to get Horizon Manager up an running for a few days.  None of the VMware documenation pulls it all together like this one chapter.  It gives a good overview of how all the appliances work together.  I had been struggling with getting the temp admin ID password since I was in a lab with no external access.  Once I read the section about logging into the horizon application and viewing the mail spool, it was off to the races.  Thanks for this great addition to the Horizon Application Manager knowledge pool.  I noticed in the TOC of your VMware View book that this chapter does not seem to appear (or at least not in the preview online).  Are there other chapters about ThinApp as well that are this good as well. If so, I'm sure the book would be well worth the purchase.



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            Thank you so much for writing this book...and for your charity spirit I'm sure buying it right now!!! I also saw that there are other free books for download.


            Thanks again Mike!!!




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              Michelle Laverick Virtuoso



              Really the HAM chapter isn't in the TOC... Opps... Let me double-check that...


              Thanks for all the positive comments guys!