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    VMWare Player 4.0.4 (build 744019) hangs up when guest system reboot

    AlexeyZv Lurker



      I have the permanent problem

      My OS is Windows 7 64bit Eng

      VMWare 4.0.4 (build 744019)

      Guest OS is Fedora Core 16 installed from official DVD disk (not from VMWare tools other words)


      I have permanent problem. When i do "shutdow -r now" in Unix, VMWare Player hangs up in "VMWare BIOS" message (F2 and other keys don't working there)

      I will attach screenshot


      After this i cannot terminate process from Task manager of Win7, for example, VMWare player have a working menu of window but when i try to exit i got message "The virtual machine is busy" with OK button.

      I can only shutdown/reboot my Windows 7 for resolving of problem

      The "Log off" doesn't help to me - i wait indefinitely for it (win7 tries to terminate VMWare and cannot)


      So if i do reboot in giest process i should reboot/shutdown my host Windows 7 computer for this. I think it's very annoying.


      Best regards, Alexey