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    Bug Report - Ctrl Z suspends VM suddenly and without confirmation

    Craig1f Lurker

      I realize that this isn't actually considered a bug, but it's absurd to set ctrl-z as the combination to suspend a VM without warning, and then take an abnormally long time to bring that VM back. Seriously, it takes 4 times longer to bring back a VM after suspending it this way than if I did it on purpose. And anyone with dual monitors has had this problem before.


      I lose at least half an hour of productivity, not to mention the loss of my train of thought, and the desire to put a foot through my monitor, every time I accidentally suspend my vm with ctrl-z when I'm trying to undo something. Usually, this is a result of thinking I copied something with ctrl-c, only to try to paste the information on my host and fail, then going back to the vm, hitting ctrl-c again ... at which point, all my selected text is replaced with a c. Then I hit ctrl-z to undo this obvious mistake, only to have my VM suspend.


      There are forums going back to at least 2006 with people complaining about this. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, fix it before I retire in 30 years.