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    All I want for Christmas is...

    j_mosk Enthusiast

      Drag and Drop between SHARED VMs and the VMware workstation I am on.


      Right now, the ability to do stuff "remotely" then.. the "inability" to bring it back to my host machine is ... untenable.


      Please oh please.. VMware Gods.. make this a high priority.


      I will sacrifice 6 hard drives in your name !

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          Looks like Christmas has arrived early for you. You can drag and drop VMs between the My Computer and Shared VM library items (you just have to make sure the VM is open in a tab before you attempt to drag and drop). As for the ability to do stuff remotely and then downloading it your host machine, you can do that in the latest Workstation Technology Preview release.


          Instead of sacrificing those 6 hard drives, you can just send them to us. SSDs preferred

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            j_mosk Enthusiast

            I would.. but see my other post... I cannot get it to work *AT ALL* connecting to other VM hosts.. and also fails when anyone tries to grab control when using GotoMeeting.


            Two major dealbreakers..




            (Zero responses).


            I've had to revert back to PRE-June Preview.. !

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              j_mosk Enthusiast

              I re-upgraded my HOST and HOST+SHARING machine to July preview.. and re-tried drag and drop of files. There is no such thing.


              So I re-read your post..


              Actually.. You misunderstood what I wanted.


              I want to drag and drop FILES from my HOST to my shared guests (across the network.)


              Today.. I have to MAKE AN ISO to get stuff into my guests (annoying) then when I have OUTPUT, I have to email myself (super annoying).


              If my guests were not Internet connected, I would LITERALLY have no way to take "stuff" from my shared-over-the-network-guests back onto the machine I'm now.