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    Vmware and Windows Phone 8

    stefanolson Novice

      Microsoft's Windows Phone 8 Software Development Kit leaked to to the Web today. And unfortunately confirmed what has concerned me greatly, that it uses Hyper V for the emulator.


      The problem with this is that I have not yet found a reasonable way to run Hyper V and Vmware workstation on the same machine.  I've seen some very complex blog posts on how to enable two separate windows start-ups, one with Hyper V and one without, but this is not the way that I want to try and work, as I often need to work with both the Windows Phone and Vmware as I am developing software for more than just the phone.  This is going to be quite an issue for a lot of developers I would imagine (Hyper V is basically useless for development testing).


      Are there any solutions on the way?



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          Unfortunately, Hyper-V is a Type I hypervisor.  That means that once you install Hyper-V on your machine, your machine no longer runs Windows; it runs Hyper-V.  Though it looks like the management OS is running on physical hardware, it is actually running in a Hyper-V virtual machine.  So, if you install Workstation on the management OS, any Workstation VMs will have to run nested under Workstation under Hyper-V.


          The virtual CPU under Hyper-V does not have hardware-assisted virtualization features, so you are limited in the nested guests you can run (32-bit only).  Moreover, nested VMs suffer quite a performance penalty.  If you want this to work better, you should ask Microsoft to improve their support for guest hypervisors under Hyper-V.


          Alternatively, you can install Workstation on your machine and run Hyper-V in a VM.  The virtual CPU under Workstation does offer hardware-assisted virtualization features (on supported hardware), so you can run nested VMs under Hyper-V under Workstation without restriction.  In fact, the technology preview offers Hyper-V as a guest OS selection.  Of course, the nested VMs that you run under Hyper-V under Workstation will suffer a performance penalty.

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            stefanolson Novice

            Thanks for the answer.   My current strategy is to run Phone 8 development under Vmware, but that's not really a long-term practical solution as I have to keep multiple machines up to date with all the latest pieces I use, and it can't take full advantage of my hardware as I only give it a certain number of CPUs.


            I will certainly be indicating my displeasure to Microsoft with the strategy that they have chosen.



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              stefanolson Novice

              Just one final question, If I try and run only 32-bit vms (accepting the performance hit), can I then run vmware machines even with hyper v installed? I had only tried testing it with 64-bit machines.  That may be a slightly better solution.

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                JJoel42 Hot Shot
                VMware Employees

                Yes. That should work.