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    Had to revert to 646643 - Two issues (maybe related)

    jeremym Enthusiast

      Here's my lashup:


      1) Host: Windows 7 - 64bit running 790308. Guests: All windows of all varieties.

      2) Over the network "Shared" Host: Windows 7 - 64bit running 646643. Guests / Shared: All Windows of all varieties.


      Problem #1:

      Tried to connect from 790308 to 636643... Connects OK, then shared guest refuses to respond to EITHER keyboard -or- mouse. DOES respond to menu CTL-ALT-DEL. Basically, this connection becomes unusable.


      Problem #2:

      Yesterday, Host #1 was running 636643. Using GoToMeeting I "gave control" of mouse / keyboard to other presenter. Worked fine.

      Today, Host #1 was updated to 790308. Using GoToMeeting OTHER presenter was UNABLE to click / type inside Guest windows.


      So, I had to revert my main host BACK to 646643 which immediately resolved both issues.