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    Hiring - Cloud Opportunity - St. Louis MO

    GK_FracRack Lurker

      FracRack in St. Louis is looking for Vmware Talent. Great opportunity to get into cloud for Vmware engineers.


      Here is the info. Job is Posted on Monster and LinkedIN.


      Job Description


      FracRack  is a fast growing Cloud Service Provider is St.  Louis and is looking  to add Technical Talent to the Operations team.  FracRack is positioned  to continue to be a leader in the Cloud solutions  services industry by  driving cost down while increasing the strategic  agility of our  customers. 

      Cloud  Engineer day to  day responsibility will be maintaining the current  cloud infrastructure,  converting customers from premise based servers  to cloud based servers,  working trouble tickets, and advising on best  practices and go forward  technologies

      Multiple Positions are available. Salary and benefits in line with skill set and experience.

      Desired Skills & Experience


      FracRacks Ideal Candidate will include:

      Experience with Vmware

      Experience with Microsoft Active Directory

      Experience with Microsoft Exchange 2010

      Experience with Networking (Lan and Wan)

      Working Knowledge of Linux is a plus

      Working Knowledge of Monitoring Technologies is a plus

      Preference will be applied to all candidates with Cloud experience that includes:

      vCloud Director

      Vmware Chargeback

      or other cloud based technologies similar to OpenStack

      Company Description

      Your Data Center…Cloud-Powered

      FracRack  is true  Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) designed to fully emulate  your  physical datacenter environment. You maintain full control of your   resources on-demand through a secure management portal, allowing the   creation and deployment of appliances, servers, networks, and policies   instantly and without the need for FracRack involvement. This gives your   business all of the economic advantages of Cloud Computing without   compromising Security, Performance, or Control.

      What Could This Mean for Your Company?

      Savings up to 70% - Decrease your IT Budget AND eliminate capital expenditures
      Unlimited flexibility – gives your company Strategic Agility as needs change
      Elimination of Technology Risk – Shift the burden of hardware to us
      Scalability – infrastructure on-demand to meet your current business conditions
      Increase security and performance without any additional cost.
      Taking advantage of the unique flexibility offered by FracRack IAAS,   your organization can adopt Cloud Computing on your own terms. From   something as simple as off-site backup of your critical files to a fully   deployed Cloud-Powered Datacenter, FracRack has the systems and the   expertise to handle your needs.

      Contact FracRack today at 636-449-5300 and find out how to change your datacenter into a Cloud-Powered Datacenter