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    Auto deploy in production

    SergeMagnierCS Lurker



      We have successfuly validated an auto deploy POC and are aware of the benefits.


      We have 50 ESX servers and are planning to migrate them to ESXi 5 but we don't know if we have to use auto deploy because it seems that nobody use it in production.


      Is autodeploy enough mature to be used in production?

      Are some medium or big companies already using it?


      Thanks in advance

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          Zrubi Novice



          We are succesfully using it from the early stage of the AutoDeploy technology (and virtual Center Appliance as well).

          But we are not a big company and we are living (and working) in hungary - thats why the 'big' and 'small' phrase is quiet different


          What we really have:

          3 site,  each with 4~10 stateless ESXi using AutoDeploy.


          As I experienced if the deploy rules are working, and you have a good host profile, everithing goes really well. The update process is much more easy and requires much less time to do - even wit this small number of hosts!


          I agree that very few conpanies using it right now - but it's not means it is not good to use it