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    Sanity check required for what I am about to do!

    StuartB201110141 Novice

      Hi Everyone,


      I am hoping for a bit of a sanity check here and I hope I have come to the right place.


      I need to upgrade my View 3.1 to View 4.6. However I have 2 new connection servers and a new Vcenter!


      The current setup is manual pools and no composer use.


      Because there are hundreds of users, what I want to do is take users a couple at a time, deregister them in the old Vcenter, and add them to the new Vcenter and then recreate the pools, assignments etc (ie a small pool of 5 users gets moved, a group at a time over a period of time)


      The issue is that half the cluster runs ESX 3.5 U5 and half the cluster runs ESXi 4.1 U2. The new VCenter will have the same VLANs etc. I think though that I can't share the disks across 2 VCenters due to the way locking works ? I guess I would need to add extra disk to the new Vcenter until I am in a position to remove the old infrastructure from the old vcenter.


      The old connection server pair will need to continue to run on the 2 ESX hosts whilst the migration is in place. The new connection server pair will run on ESXi. The will however be part of the same cluster, and there is no getting away from the fact that is the way it will be until the migration is complete and all the ESX hosts can be rebuilt to 4.1 U2


      What I am interested in is "Have I missed anything?"