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    July beta--debugging no longer enforced

    matthewls Hot Shot

      New beta screen updates are much better, and the VM I'm testing is noticeably faster. Dragging windows around in unity is much faster, and almost no "tearing" occurs. In fact, I can't tell any difference between dragging around a unity window and a native Linux window. As usual, dictation using Dragon NaturallySpeaking is quite excellent. The debugging can be turned off in the settings too. We must be getting close to release time....


      In unity mode, however, the dictation focus gets lost and the window I had been dictating in shows it is no longer the top of the z order. This only happens in unity, not in console view.If I say nothing the window focus is maintained. But as I dictate, especially after pausing, the window focus changes and dictation no longer occurs. That is, the recipient of the dictation has switched away from the intended program. Again, it's only in unity. I'll see if there are any settings to play with WRT mouse and focus.


      Host linux mint 13 64 bit, kernel 3.4.6. Guest: windows 7 64 bit.