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    Latest Beta - VMWare Tools Lubuntu Crash at end

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      The installation of VMware Tools went well right up to the very last minute after restarting the internet when everything froze.


      Lubuntu threw a fit and I had to do a forced shutdown. On reboot Ubuntu reported that the  gnome-settings-daemon had crashed. I suspect that the actual cause was due to my use of accelerated Compiz and the impact of reinstalling 'tools and changing the graphics driver setup.


      [EDIT] As it happens a kernel update came along so I had to reinstall 'tools. The same thing happened, but this time I was a little more alert and noticed it before closing the terminal session, and I was able to issue a shutdown -r now which was excuted without an issue. However the loss of the gui could be a problem for people unfamiliar with switching to a non-gui fallback.


      The buggy Ubuntu/Gnome daemon error came up once more on reboot.

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          Thank you for reporting this problem. I tried to reproduce the crash based on the provided information, but was not able to reproduce the issue.

          Could you provide more information, please:

          1. Host OS

          2. All steps you've done in more details (step-by-step)

          3. All log files and core dump

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            EdP Hot Shot

            Sorry for the late response, just to clarify, it was not a VMWare crash, however the probability is that the Tools recompilation triggered something within the (somewhat buggy) Gnome 3 system.


            Addressing your questions:

            a) The host is Windows 7 (8GB memory)

            b) Guest is a modified Lubuntu installation, as I intensely dislike both Unity and the default Gnome 3. I therefore have a desktop consisting of LXDF+Gnome 3 Extensions+Compiz+Cairo Dock

            c) The VMware tools upgrade was conducted from a terminal session within the above desktop framework. I have previously installed new versions of tools with previous Linux kernel changes without triggering a problem.

            d) The last two occasions the installation went through without issue up until the point I restarted the network. At this point Cairo Dock disappeared and only input to the terminal session continued to work (I was therefore able to do a standard shutdown -r ) On the previous occasion I closed the terminal before noticing the absence of the Cairo Dock panel and had to fall back to opening a new session.

            e) On reboot I received the Gnome daemon error message the crash log for this is attached.


            [EDIT] Looking at the crash log I see I should probably have blamed glib, as the power manager ought (?) to be out of the picture, and compiz+cairo almost certainly use glib.