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    VMWare Server 2 continues to plague me

    BjoernH Novice

      After 2 years, I decided to pull VMWare Server 2 off the shelf and give is another try.  I installed the server and when I stared the application I had problems logging into the IVMware Infrastructioure Web Access.


      1.  While creating the virtual machine, I would get logged out several times until it was done creating with success.(I did add the computer name in the hosts table).


      2.  After having created the new virtual machine, there is no DVD to do the OS installation.  It did come up with the USB controller.


      3. While the virtuall machine is powered off, the tomcat6.exe application is using up 50% of the CPU capacity and once the machine is started, vmware-vmx.exe takes another 49% of the CPU capacity and both cores continue at 100% indefinitely until I power the virtual machine down again.


      Anyone have a fix for these problems?