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    Lost direct attached storage when I upgraded - I missed VMTools!

    BryanHD Lurker

      I upgraded to the preview last night and lost all of my direct attached storage (sata drives). I think it is a driver issue as I blew re-attached and then blew them out. The VM simply does not allow me to add the direct attached SATA disks. I am able to make VMDK files if the disks live in a sub directory on the drives. I am rethinking my lab approach. I have since split my partitions up and I will be copying VMDWK files between my four SATA drives (copies of each other to the second partitions) as a failsafe. 2012 installed without a hitch with the ISO and the tools rocks! Next I intend to add these a JOBD and recreate my Hyperv cloud with Vmware Workstation.  I am hoping this rev fixes some BSOD and memory management issues.