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    createTime not returning?

    mcescalante Novice

      I am trying to return createTime (the time a snapshot was taken) for each virtual machine.


      I've tried traversing the tree just like every other metric, but it won't return it.


      Currently, I have this loop.


      foreach my $vm_view (@$vm_views) {

              my $snapshot = $vm_view->snapshot;
              print Dumper($snapshot);
              if (defined $snapshot) {
                      my $snap_time = $snapshot->rootSnapshotList;
                      print @$snap_time;
              print Dumper($snap_time);


      The Dumper for $snapshot returns me rootSnapshotList, which has createTime inside it.

      The Dumper for $snap_time returns me the same thing, but without 'rootSnapshotList'.


      If I add ->createTime to the line my $snap_time... it just says cannot call method on unblessed reference... the dumper says bless.


      Not really sure what other info is relevant, PLEASE HELP!