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    another arcconf question

    Blubbery Novice

      hi all


      i have successfully installed the latest adaptec driver and also cim on my esxi 5.0 server.

      remote arcconf from windows works fine.


      is it possible to use arcconf on esxi locally (without windows).

      i would like to make a script for mailing me the raid status.


      if i type arcconf on the machine, the command is not found.


      do i need to install another package?


      thanks in advance

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          bgavin Novice

          I am not having your success.


          ESXi 5.1.0, 838463

          Adaptec ASR-2405

          Adaptec update:  cim_vmware_v7.31.18856.zip

          vmware-esx-provider-arcconf.vib  dated 2012.05.10


          Using the Adaptec installation instructions, the install fails due to an unsigned VIB.


          From the ESXi 5.1 console, Alt-F1 access, as root + password

          From the console command prompt "~ #" I do this:



          esxcli software acceptance set --level=CommunitySupported

          However, I cannot restore the acceptance level back to the original "ParterSupported", because the new VIB is a lower level.

          So, I must leave the entire ESXi system at the lowest "CommunitySupported" acceptance level.  Unsigned VIBs suck.


          VIB install:

          esxcli software vib install --maintenance-mode -v /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/Patch/vmware-esx-provider-arcconf.vib

          This runs correctly.


          Verify VIB package:

          esxcli software vib list | grep arcconf

          Comes back as 1.00-1, Adaptec, Unknown, today's date


          Verify AACRAID

          esxcli software vib list | grep arcconf

          Comes back as, VMware, VMwareCertified


          arcconf at the command line does nothing.

          arcconf: not found


          I have the ASM package installed on a Windows guest on this ESXi host.

          It cannot connect to the IP address of the host.


          Anybody have an idea?

          I'm clueless here, and thanks in advance...


          [ edit ]


          I install the windows version of remote arcconf on a VM guest on this ESXi host.

          This is the version dated 2012.05.10, from the same VIB package as the ESXi side.

          It cannot see any controllers, either.


          Interesting part:

          From the ESXi console, a list of active processes does not show anything close to "adaptec" or "arcconf".

          Using PORTQRY.EXE from the Windows support kit, I find port 5989(?) is listening on the ESXi side.

          I don't know what process is hooked to this ESXi port, but something is listening.

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            bgavin Novice

            I got it to work.


            I removed 5.1, and dropped back to ESXi 5.0 U01.

            The trick to making arcconf work and show results is you *MUST* use the adaptec aacraid drivers.


            My thinking was the latest VMware drivers in their update/patch release would work with arcconf.

            They do not.


            I will wipe off the ESXi 5.0 U01 installation, and reinstall v5.1 U01 and test again.

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              bgavin Novice

              This works with both ESXi 5.0 and 5.1 U01


              *Must install ADAPTEC aacraid drivers* 
              arcconf getconfig always fails with VMware drivers


              Install latest Adaptec firmware for specific HBA card
              Install ESXi 5.1 U01
              Install ESXi 5.1 viclient on accessible workstation
              Install latest ESXi 5.1 Patch
              Install latest ESXi 5.x Adaptec aacraid driver for specific HBA card
              Configuration | Storage
                  Rescan All
                  Add Storage: Disk/LUN
                  Keep the Existing Signature
              Install latest Adaptec remote arcconf for ESXi 5.x
              Must reboot or get "invalid namespace" error from arcconf getconfig


              PortQry shows CIMOM port 5989 for remote arcconf is LISTENING with base ESXi installation.
              Port status remains as LISTENING after successful arcconf installation.


              1)  Upload to datastore1/Patch
              2)  Local login to ESXi console as root + password
              3)  Alt-F1 for console, login as root + password
              4)  esxcli software acceptance get                // get current signature level
              5)  esxcli software acceptance set --level=CommunitySupported    // reduced signature for adaptec arcconf.vib
              6)  esxcli software vib install --maintenance-mode -v /vmfs/volumes/datastore1/Patch/vmware-esx-provider-arcconf.vib


              7)  esxcli software acceptance set --level=PartnerSupported     // fails:  arcconf level is too low to restore signature level
              8)  esxcli software vib list | grep arcconf            // verify VIB presence
              9)  Alt-F2 to exit console
              10) reboot is required

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                Blubbery Novice

                hi bgavin


                I've created this thread to ask if its possible running arrconf locally on esxi without using a client.

                At the moment I'm using windows to check my raid status.

                C:\Windows\system32>arcconf getconfig 1 ad


                Do you know if its possible to check the raid status without a client?



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                  Blubbery Novice

                  my installation procedure:


                  0. check installed software

                  esxcli software acceptance set --level=CommunitySupported

                  esxcli software vib list

                  scsi-aacraid        VMware  VMwareCertified   2012-07-02

                  1. install driver

                  esxcli software vib install -f -v file:/tmp/vmware-esxi-drivers-scsi-aacraid-500.

                  Installation Result
                     Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.
                     Reboot Required: true
                     VIBs Installed: Adaptec_Inc_bootbank_scsi-aacraid_5.
                     VIBs Removed: VMware_bootbank_scsi-aacraid_1.1.5.1-9vmw.500.1.11.623860
                     VIBs Skipped:




                  2. install cim

                  esxcli software vib install --maintenance-mode --no-sig-check -v /tmp/vmware-esx-provider-arcconf.vib

                  Installation Result
                     Message: The update completed successfully, but the system needs to be rebooted for the changes to be effective.
                     Reboot Required: true
                     VIBs Installed: Adaptec_bootbank_arcconf_1.00-1
                     VIBs Removed:
                     VIBs Skipped:




                  3. check software after installation
                  scsi-aacraid  Adaptec_Inc  CommunitySupported  2012-07-02
                  arcconf               1.00-1                               Adaptec      unknown             2012-07-02

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                    bgavin Novice

                    While researching my problem, I saw no end of "controller not found" messages.

                    For my case with ESXi v5.x, this was caused by using the built-in VMware driver, when the Adaptec aacraid should have been used.


                    Remote arcconf installs on my ESXi host, but it seems to run in stealth mode.


                    esxcli system module list | grep arcconf   // returns nothing found

                    esxcli system process list   // doesn't return anything that looks like an arcconf daemon, etc.

                    trying to execute 'arcconf' from the ~ # prompt comes back as "not found"


                    If you run a Portqry.exe -n <IP_Address> -e 5989 it comes back as "Listening", but I don't know what process is hooked to that port.

                    FWIW, that port is hooked by the base ESXi install, before any patches, aacraid drivers, or arcconf packages are installed.


                    My needs for arcconf are pretty much satisfied now.

                    My management workstation runs the Win32 remote arcconf command line environment.

                    I can script this, read StdOut and set up an SMTP notification if the array or controller <> "Optimal".


                    What I have yet to research, is if the latest version of arcconf is filling any of the ESXi system logs with junk.

                    This is a fresh build, so I have no performance history yet.

                    I'm using Western Digital RE4 and Caviar Green in RAID-1 arrays, so it is important to monitor closely if one craps out.

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                      Blubbery Novice

                      I use the same config as you.

                      On my ESXi, I've installed a windows virtual machine, on which I've installed arrconf to query my ESXi host.

                      I also have a script searching for the status and email me if its not optimal.


                      But I actually dont want a windows vm for arcconf. There must be a way to query the status directly on my ESXi Host.


                      Output from ~ # esxcli software vib list:

                      Name                  Version                              Vendor       Acceptance Level    Install Date
                      --------------------  -----------------------------------  -----------  ------------------  ------------
                      scsi-aacraid  Adaptec_Inc  CommunitySupported  2012-07-05
                      arcconf               1.00-1                               Adaptec      unknown             2012-07-05


                      It seems arrconf is installed but I also get command not found


                      Running a Windows 7 VM only for that reason is very annoying....

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                        bgavin Novice

                        I am not using vCenter, so the viclient is mandatory to manage ESXi and guests.

                        For this purpose, I have a stand-alone management server running viclient, backup domain controller, and remote arcconf.

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                          OB_1 Lurker

                          Just for history: arcconf must be taken from CIM package, not from ASM !

                          It can be run in ANY pc/vm on the network. To get an access to adaptec controller via ESXi, you must execute command initially:

                          arcconf.exe setvmcredential <ip_address_of_HV_with_Adaptec_drivers> 5989 <user> <password>

                          File VMCIMOMConfig.txt will be created with hash-credentials, this file is used when you start arcconf.

                          Tested with Adaptec 2405, 2805 and windows arcconf client.

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                            Joeyg2391201110141 Novice

                            ok i installed the arcconf vib from the cim package and install the software successfully but i get no controller when i run get version command.  Im pretty sure it's because im using the built in raid controller drivers from vmware on my 2405.  How do i installed the upgrades drivers from adaptec's website that ends in .tz format?  currently i have esxi 5.1 with a couple of VM's so i dont want to mess up my controller so please help me.