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    Patch for kernel 3.5.x ??

    mfelker Expert

      Has anybody come across   (or is working on) a patch for W.S. e.x.p. for kernel 3.5.  Al lhrfee of my linux distros (Ubuntu, Fedoaf aand openSUSE) are  now  at that  kernel level  on   my testg machine and I'd   like to test this    beta on Linux as well as Windows 8.  The patch  below fof   3.5 using WS 8 works  perfectly  (anbd  tghe link      also includes all the   sourfces)  - perhaps I should try  to contact the authorf  (if he is  interested)?


        # cd /usr/lib/vmware/modules;
        # wget http://pavlinux.ru/vmware/8.0.4/source.tar.lzma;
        # md5sum source.tar.lzma;
         e37e41a818a47ec868bdb493197aaf63 source.tar.lzma
        # tar -xf source.tar.lzma;
        # vmware-modconfig --console --install-all;