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    More unity issues

    matthewls Hot Shot

      The mouse largely stopped working in unity though in both the host and after returning to the console mode it worked fine. The symptoms: mouse wheel had no effect, clicking on window ribbon menus had no effect. The keyboard was unaffected.


      Unity window dragging is a bit weird still, with distortions and "tearing" that fix themselves when dragging is done.


      I'll test these using the latest Mint Linux later tonight.


      Host: Linux Ubuntu 10.10 64 bit with kernel 3.4, 16 GB RAM. NVidia GTX 460, driver 302.17

      Guest: : win7 64 bit 3 VCPUs, 4GB VRAM, 40GB VHD


      PS. The window dragging is much better on ubuntu 12.04


      PPS. Unity is uavailable after a suspend/resume cycle, both flavors of Ubuntu. The message is, "Error The virtual machine cannot enter Unity mode because: -Unity is not supported on this guest operating system."  Of course the message is false, because if I shut down and restart the VM, unity works fine again.