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    Drag & Drop sometimes yields excessive persistent CPU usage (WKS TP June 2012)

    th4n0s Novice

      Host Windows 7 x64 SP1 Workstation Tech Prev June 2012 16GB, 4 CPUs

      Guest Windows 8 x64 Release Preview 2 GB, 2 vCPUs


      Dragging and dropping a file from host to guest desktop sometimes shows mouse pointer as circle with slash and results in VMware Tool Core Service using 100% total CPU, i.e. 50% on both vCPUs.


      Before a Drag & Drop and After a Drag & Drop



      Most of the time the CPU spikes result when the Drag & Drop does not succeed, i.e. it shows a circle with a slash mouse pointer everywhere, then rolling the mouse off of Workstation and onto its taskbar icon and back again a few times finally shows the anchor mouse pointer and it can be successfully dropped onto the guest desktop.


      And after a few minutes this excessive CPU reduces to 1 vCPU load, but never goes away until vmtoolsd is terminated.








      I noticed that there are 2 vmtoolds.exe running, one under SYSTEM and one under User, this is the one under user.


      Also I remember seeing this same behavior in an older Workstation, like 6.