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    Using SIOC with SRM 5

    GTMcKaige Novice

      Recently I modified my datastores to use SIOC and during our monthly SRM fail-over all recovery plans failed. Testing has shown that in our environment having the SIOC box checked is causing the failures. The environment is as follows


      ESXi 5 (Licensed properly for SIOC), Dell R910s, NetApp 3270 (HA pair on each end) , iSCSI sw intiator properly linked to pNICs x 2 on each ESXi host, round robing PSP which shows IO down all paths.....


      In reading the requirements for SIOC I found

      1) Datastores that are Storage I/O Control-enabled must be managed by a single vCenter Server system.
      2) Storage I/O Control is supported on Fibre Channel-connected, iSCSI-connected, and NFS-connected
      storage. Raw Device Mapping (RDM) is not supported.
      3) Storage I/O Control does not support datastores with multiple extents.


      Looks clean to me unless I'm misreading the single vCenter bit and this includes SRM DR sites, but its a different datastore on the other side...


      I don't remember anything in the SRA documents or the SRM docs that would stop me from using SIOC, does anyone have any information on SIOC not being used in conjunction with SRM?