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    Image Profiles missing

    kipz Novice



      i have very strange behavior with AutoDeploy. i'm using VMware provided AutoDeploy GUI plugin with vSphere Client and also PowerCLI. i successfully connected depots to my AutoDeploy server. then i selected existing standard image profile (which game from depot) and cloned it for customization. i added few packages and then commited changes. image profile was commited successfully. new image profile was listed and was ready for usage. then i closed AutoDeploy GUI and if i re-opened it, all my custom image profiles were all missing. my deploy rules were listed and also custom image profiles which were listed under rules. but all custom image profiles are missing from Image Profiles tab. only standard image profiles are listed which are included in depot. and if i try to add new rule, it does not list any custom image profiles there.


      also, PowerCLI command Get-EsxImageProfile returns empty list. it does not even list those standard image profiles from depot nor those already used by deploy rules.


      am i missing something here? why my image profiles disappear after restarting vSphere Client with AutpDeploy GUI plugin? and why PowerCLI does not list any image profiles (i did use Connect-VICommand to conenct to vCenter)?